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DeZell Mathews (born 16th of August 1986), is the Founder and Sole Proprietor of Twentyish Thirty. She is responsible for all aspects of the business, from ideation to execution to establishing the company's vision and guiding its growth, and as a sole proprietor, she is responsible for its operations and financial outcomes. DeZell attain her bachelor's degree from Texas Southern University in 2011 and began her career in content creation in 2017 and has since developed engaging content for 150+ leading beauty and fashion brands, reaching an audience of over 2.5M+ impressions and driving a 20% increase in sales.


 Twentyish Thirty was founded in August 2017 and started off as a blog. Over time, The founder, DeZell discovered a love for digital content creation and decided to help brands share their stories in meaningful and impactful ways. Whether it's through blog posts, photography, videos, or social media, Twentyish Thirty brings a creative and strategic approach to every project.


Twentyish Thirty's mission statement is to inform, educate, and entertain our audience through high-quality, engaging, and relevant digital content. We strive to be a trusted source of information and inspiration and to use our platform to positively impact the world. Where millennials and generation z can receive digital informative tips, tricks, how-to’s, trends, and shared experiences in beauty and fashion. We believe in the power of creative, strategic, and content marketing that tells compelling brand stories and connects with target audiences in meaningful ways. Our goal is to continuously innovate and improve our content and reach, and to build a community of loyal followers who share our passion for creating and consuming great content.

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