How to Clean your Makeup Brushes in 4 "EASY" Steps

Did you know makeup, oil, dirt, and even bacteria can get trapped in the bristles of makeup brushes?  Avoiding cleaning the bristles of the brushes can lead to clogged pores and pesky breakouts. In these 4 easy steps you can learn how to clean your makeup brushes. (Note your brushes will need a few hours to dry so don't try to wash them if you need them in the next hour or two.)

You will need: • A sink

• Water • Gentle shampoo  • Your hand/palm  • A cup or edge of your counter  


  • Start running your brushes one by one under lukewarm water. (Note: focus on the bristles and avoid the handle. Water can loosen the glue on the handle) 

  • Gently wash the bristles in the palm of your hand with shampoo and water. 

  • Repeat step one and two over until water rinse clear. 

  • After you finish rinsing, let the brush air dry on the edge of the counter or in a cup with the bristles faceing up.

You're done!

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