Facetory Face Sheet Mask Subscription Box

Facetory is a group of sheet mask junkies who are located in California. Who runs the latest Korean monthly sheet masks subscription box. Customer service is amazing by the way. Here is a 10% promo Code link Facetory Promo Code. 

How Facetory subscription works? 1. Sign up for one of the two Facetory monthly subscription plan. (“FOUR-ever FRESH box” which comes with 4 sheet masks which is $5.95 per month. Or the “SEVEN LUX box” which comes with 7 sheet masks which is $15.95 per month.)

2. Next Facetory will send you a handpicked selection of 4-7 sheet masks every month. 📦 #masktime If you are in love with one of the sheet masks you receive you can purchase the sheet mask the first week of the following month. The cut-off date to order a box is the last day of that current month. If you subscribe after, you will receive your box the following month. FaceTory orders are shipped weekly. Therefore, your order should be shipped within a week of your purchase. You can cancel your subscription at anytime with no penalties or hidden fees. 

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