The 9 Step Korean Skin Care Routine

What’d up DOLLS,

It’s Sunday! (insert screams) #MaskDay so get ready your face will thank you later. Here are the basic Korean skincare routine. 

Step 1: Remove Eye, Lip, and Base Makeup

Let’s get ready for the cleanser step by removing your makeup. 

Steps 2 and 3: Oil Cleanser + Water-Based Cleanser 

Oil cleanser removes makeup and any other oil-based product like sunscreen and pollution particles. + Your water-based cleanser is applied to wet skin and removes impurities like sweat and dirt. (yuck right)

Step 4: : Exfoliator + Toner

Not only your exfoliator unclog your pores, but also remove dead skin cell. + Your toner preps your face for the  treatment steps.

Step 5: Essence

Essence is a treatment product similar to serums, boosters, or ampoules; but a more watery in consistency. (An essence and a serum are essentially the same thing. #mindblowing)

Steps 6 and 7: Two Treatments (or a 

Sheet Mask)

This step depends on what your skin need such as acne, brown spots or pigmentation, etc.

Steps 8 and 9: Moisturizer + Eye Cream

Time to lock in moisture.   

Hashtag #TwentyishThirty and show us your Sunday Skincare Facical Routine. We want to see your mask on!!!

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