E.L.F Cosmetics NEW Post Workout Sweat Resistant Makeup

Have you ever wanted to leave a workout looking flawless without your makeup running? Well, E.L.F Cosmetics has a new sweat resistant line, to help achieve the look you want. So say goodbye to the smudge and bleeding post workout look.

Post-Workout Cleansing Body Wipes

This 20 sheet Post Workout Cleansing Body Wipes is infused with hydrating Aloe Vera to remove makeup and refresh skin.

Workout Ready Eyeliner Pencil

This Workout Ready Eyeliner Pencil is a creamy, waterproof liner that won't bleed or smudge.

Workout Ready Hydration Stick

This Workout Ready Hydration Stick is infused with Shea Butter, Cocoa, Aloe, and Grape for an instant cooling sensation that gives your skin a boost of hydrating, soothing, sweat-resistant protection. Just twist up and glide the stick across face, neck, and arms to cool down and boost skin on-the-go.

Sweat Resistant Mascara & Brow Duo

This Sweat Resistant Mascara & Brow Duo won't smear or smudge. This duo will set your brows and lashes to last long throughout the day.

Post-Workout Cool Down Mist

This Post Workout Cool Down Mist gives your skin a cool down and nourish your skin to give you the glow look. The ultra-breathable formula is sweat resistant, and won’t clog pores. You can wear under or over your makeup.

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