How to Master the Undereye Highlight Look

Are you wondering how to get that beat under eye beat? Look no further Twentyish Thirty got you cover with some tips and information you should know.

The skin around our eyes has no oil glands and needs hydration. Eye moisturizers gives our under eye the moisture it needs.

Eye moisturizers help our makeup concealers to go on smoother and hydrate the under eye area. 

Rub the product together on your finger tip to warm up the product and pat the moisturizer under your eye do not rub in.

#Tip Do not use your foundation or face moisturizer under your eye it will do nothing, but add an extra layer and could possibly dry your under eye.

Correctors are a must to help neutralize stubborn areas. Only use a corrector if needed if not skip.  

Green helps with red zones such as blemishes or red spots

Purple helps with unwanted yellow undertones

Yellow helps to hide purple or blue bruises or veins 

Pink/ Salmon/Peach helps brightening the eye area and mask signs of fatigue 

Orange helps with dark circles or other spots with deep discoloration 

White helps with highlighting areas

Neutral helps prime your lips and eyeshadow area 

#Tip do not apply a generous amount under your eye, a little goes a long way. Only apply enough to neutralize the color and blend outwards.

Apply your concealer with a damp beauty blender or concealer brush and blend to give yourself a flawless finish. 

Be sure to select a concealer one-two shades lighter then your skin tone. The lighter you go the color will end up looking grey or give you a raccoon look.

Be sure to find the correct coverage you need to give youself the results you want. Such as; Light, Medium, or Full coverage.

Applying your concealer last after your eyeshadow can help brighten your under eye and clean up the fall out from your eyeshadow. 

Applying your translucent loose setting under eye powder helps brightening your under eye area, and gives an extra coverage, and set your eye makeup in place. 

  • Use a foundation brush and pat the powder underneath the eye in an upward outward stroke and blend in evenly for a flawless coverage. Or use a damp beauty blender and apply the powder under your eye and brush the extra powder upwards. 

There you have it! Your beautiful undereye makeup look. Be sure to subscribe and follow us on our social media sites and ask questions! 

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