How to stop watery eye from messing up your makeup

Watery eyes can be caused by many things from allergies to bacterial infections to wind/air. Trust me you are not alone. For years excessive wind/air would irritate my eyes and cause my eyes to water. My tear glands would produce excess tears and effect my makeup look. Recently I researched and found out the wind/air makes eyes watery because it irritates the front of the eye causing my eye to become dry and force my eyes to produce water which would turn into overdrive and leave me with tears. The solution to my watery eye problem would be simple. Eye drops for dry eye/watery eye. If you have a more chronic issue, such as; irrigation, intubation, etc. A surgical procedure can help to clear the blockage seek your eye doctor to come with a plan for better results. Always get a professional opinion before doing anything drastic. 

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