Difference Between Shedding and Breakage

Shedding happens naturally when combing or brushing your hair. You will see strands of hair left in your comb or brush. You can expect up to 50-100 strands a day, but if you have a protective style up to 6 weeks you can expect up to 8,400 strands of shed hair. Breakage is caused by dryness, mistreatment, and lack of protein or too much protein. To understand if your hair is shedding or breaking a simple strand test can help. Which is called, “ Bulb Test” take a strand hair from your comb or brush and look at both ends to see if there is a visible white/opaque bulb at the end. This will indicate that your hair is shedding naturally, but if there is no visible white/opaque bulb and the strand is shorter then hair length, then you are experiencing breakage.  

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