Houston Nail Shop Review Classic Nails

First off let me say HAPPY VALENTINES DAY 😘 I’m sure you probably heard it alot today. Let’s jump right into Classic Nails which is located on 8578 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX. I received a pedicure and a refill and felt like a pamper princess as I received both at the same time. This nail shop is no spa, but it’s clean with great customer service. I like the fact I did not have to tell the technicians, “oh that hurt, too hot, too cold, can you get this, etc” ladies you know what I mean? Overall I spent 45 mins for both services and did not have to wait for a chair. The price is reasonable. I spent 38$ for both services not including tip. Classic Nails offer powder or regular nail polish which they have a lot of options to chose from.

Which Houston nail shop should Twentyish Thirty review next?

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