How to Find your Perfect Foundation Shade

Let’s answer some questions first to see what type of foundation you should look for first. 

What’s your skin type? Oily Dry Normal/Combination Sensitive What type of finish are you looking for? Matte Luminous Dewy Natural What type of coverage are you looking for? Sheer Medium to Full Full What’s your skin tone? Fair Light Light to Medium Medium Medium to Dark Dark Dark to Deep Deep Dark What is your undertone? Warm (gold/yellow undertone) Neutral (balance of gold, yellow, and pink) Cool (pink undertone) My answer:

Combination Skin

Matte Coverage 

Full Coverage 

Dark Deep Skin Tone

Warm Undertones

Tip: Before purchasing try or take a sample home and let it sit for a few hours to see how the foundation adjusts to your skin. Swipe shades along your jawline, your neck is often paler than your face. The right hue should disappear into your skin. 

Always do a photo test in different lightening.

Different formulas require different application strategies. 

Always do your research before going inside of a store to see which option is best for you. 

Always always always test the foundation on a clean moisturizer face.  

Finding a great foundation can be hard, but can be fun at the same time. 

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