Review on Derma Pacific skincare line

Derma Pacific hand-picked oceanic ingredients to best improve skin health, anti-aging and well-being. The best part of your purchase with every product sold, 2$ will be used for the plastic cleanup to our oceans. 

Exfoliating Seaweed Elixir Mask: This seaweed face mask detoxify your skin leaving it soft. It’s blending with essential oils and rich seaweed. I  love natural face mask. 😍 

Multi-Action Oxygenated Seaweed Cleanser: It has Carnitine in it, which helps cleanses your face. (Carnitine is an amino acid derivate which is naturally present in the skin and helps to regulate the oil production.) I have to use 2-3 pumps on my Clarisonic. It’s been almost 3 weeks and I’m almost half way out of product. 😫 

Pacific Multi-Action Day Moisturizer: This everyday moisturizer keeps my skin balanced. It has natural botanicals, vitamins and anti-oxidants, which helps soften and hydrate face. 

Derma Pacific believes, “The ocean gave us life.” So they use the ingredients it gives us to restore our skin. Visit their website or visit there IG @dermapacific 

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