Say Something With Your Statement Accessory

Fashion isn’t just about looking good, nor picking the right outfit for the right occasion. It’s a method of expression, of getting your personality out there in the world for others to see. If your outfits have nothing to say about you, you can start to feel it. Instead of getting bored or frustrated with your style, why not choose a simple statement accessory to instantly add some you factor? 

Hats Hats are wonderful because not only are they versatile, but they can also instantly transform the silhouette of a person. They’re like a hairstyle that never comes undone or has to be reshaped or maintained. Choosing the right hat, however, is all about figuring out what your face shape is and making a choice that fits it, as this What Every Woman Needs guide shows. Many women don’t like hats because of bad experiences, but it’s very likely that they simply haven’t tried the style that fits their personal beauty yet.

Bags Speaking of versatile, there’s nothing like a good bag. Infinitely practical, a good bag conveys a sense of a woman who knows what she’s about. However, finding the bag that goes with everything can be tricky, to say the least. Black is an easy option, but it’s incredibly common. A statement piece needs to be a little more unique. These Live About tips address the problem, showing colors that are every bit as versatile even if they’re not quite as frequently seen.

Jewelry There are few things that really catch the eye like a little sparkle. Jewelry can immediately class up any outfit and convey class even when you’re in the most casual of garb. However, finding the right jewelry can be tough. Necklaces only work when you’re showing at least some of your neckline, and many women don’t like wearing earrings outside of formal occasions. Rings, however, can be perfect. Check out some James Allen reviews to see how modern jewelry sites can help you really get personalized in your choice of ring. A well-fit ring is never a hassle, and there aren’t really any ways they can “clash” with and outfit. It’s a little subtle and understated, too, adding some cool factor.

Watches Timepieces are well in-fashion for women right now, with highly popular brands like JORD watches making big waves. They add a sense of refinement to a look, making you look like a woman with respect for your own time. What’s more, they’re great for making you look a little more professional or seasoned, which can perfect if you’re looking for an accessory you can wear to the workplace, as well. Unlike other wristwear, it doesn’t seem quite as frivolous, so it won’t get in the way or your being taken seriously. 

A statement accessory is like your own signature. It should be relatively unique to you and it should also be able to go with just about any outfit that you wear. Hopefully, you get some inspiration from the tips mentioned above but the final choice is something you have to make yourself. 

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