Meet Sheertex Pantyhose the WORLDS toughest/strongest pantyhose

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Hey babe,

Are you tried buying pantyhose over and over because of rips and holes? Well check out Sheertex, formerly known as Sheerly Genius the company behind the world’s first unbreakable sheer knit. Made with the same type of fibers found in ballistic materials, the Sheertex knit can be used in variety of high performance products, like the company’s flagship product the world’s toughest pair of sheer pantyhose.  

Sheertex is stronger, cooler, and lighter than any knit on the market today and made with the world’s strongest fibers to help you to avoid the oh sh** moments. Third party tested. Comes with a 30 Day Happiness Guarantee. * - Classic sheer waist to toe design * - Comfortable non-slip waistband. * - Proprietary fiber, 10x stronger than steel * - Soft to the touch and naturally anti-microbial * - Lasts 10x longer leading designer brands. * - Sheer, 30 denier appearance * - Fits true to size 

Also visit for the new slimming control top style in 5 colors including 3 shades of nude. 

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