Divatress.com Zury Sis Beyond Moon Part Lace Wig Review

Let’s talk about this Zury Sis wig unit from Divatress.com the Beyond Moon Part Synthetic Lace Front Wig in the color 1 - Jet Black.

One, let’s restate this wig is a synthetic wig and you will have some tangle moments like most other synthetic wigs. This Zury Sis Beyond Moon Part Synthetic Wig has a light shine, but if you do not like the shine try a dry shampoo. This long wig is easy to style down or half up and down or in a low ponytail. This wig is low maintenance, straight out the box no need to pluck or add baby hair or fix part, but if you like a wider part then yes. This wig can be straighten or curl using up to 400 degrees heat. Price point 34.95 at


Overall I give this wig a 4 star out of 5 due to tangling, but what can you expect if you wear the wig 3 weeks straight everyday.