Everything You Need to Know Before Going to a Drag Show

Image Credit: Pixabay

There are plenty of live entertainment options out there for people these days. One can go see a singer, a comedian, a band, or a magician. These are all great live entertainment options, but they sometimes lack that unique flair. One live entertainment option that certainly doesn’t lack flair or uniqueness is a drag show. You never truly know what to expect when attending a drag show which only further adds to the excitement and intrigue. Attending a drag show is a unique experience that everyone should have the pleasure of enjoying. Unfortunately, some people shy away from drag shows simply because they don’t know everything about them or are misinformed. Once people learn about drag shows and have a baseline knowledge of what to expect then they warm up to the idea of attending one. Thankfully, here is a guide that will tell you everything you need to know before you attend your first drag show.

The Show

If you’re going to your first drag show, then you should probably have a baseline understanding of what the show is going to be about. A drag show consists of drag queens and kings, performers that are typically of the opposite sex that dress to perform. They typically exaggerate certain features associated with gender, depending on whether or not they are a drag queen or a drag king. The performers will do a wide variety of acts in order to keep the audience entertained throughout the show. One performer may dance or have a special routine planned, while other another performer’s performance may differ drastically. A performance may have a certain theme based on something in pop culture, or it could just be a mindlessly fun performance with no meaning. Drag shows can be great fun and can be amazing to watch. Performers are typically very talented which leads to some great performances that can really shock audiences. Experienced drag queens like Sasha Colby have spent years honing their craft and perfecting their routines. Drag shows have gotten flak in the past for being closely assoicated to gay culture. This stems from their flamboyant nature and exaggerated makeup. Despite these claims, drag shows are still going strong and are more popular than ever. Regardless, one does not need to be involved in any certain culture or ideology in order to enjoy a drag show. Simply sit back and enjoy the performance!


When attending a drag show, there's a certain code of etiquette that audience members are expected to follow. The first one is to always cheer when someone is giving a performance and is asking for it. This can come in the form of clapping or stomping, and if you don’t know what to do then simply follow what the other audience members are doing. Under no circumstances should you boo during one of the performances. You also should avoid heckling or shouting inappropriate comments toward the performers, as that is just basic manners. It is considered rude to get up during a performance, especially if the performer is coming out to the audience area. You should not interfere with a performer’s performance at any time, so it's best just to wait for an intermission if you need to get up and go somewhere. Your first drag show might be overwhelming at first, but follow the rules and etiquette and you’ll end up enjoying the show!

Audience Participation

Drag queens and kings are notorious for getting their audience involved, so be prepared for some interaction. It's not uncommon for a performer to single you out. If this happens, take it in stride. It’s simply part of the performance and for the enjoyment of everybody. If you don’t want any interaction with the performers and simply want to enjoy the show, then your best bet is to just sit in the back. However, if you aren’t going to shy away from the spotlight, then you might be in for a wild ride, especially if the performers know that it's your first drag show. Another aspect of audience participation during drag shows is tipping. It's not uncommon for drag show audiences to hold out money and tip performers during their performances. If it's your first time at a drag show, try to join in on the fun and give a small tip!