I got a CBD Massage at Pure Vichy and here’s what it was like

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

I’ll be honest I have never received a massage before, so I didn’t know what to expect. Recently my anxiety has been worse than usually and when I found out Pure Vichy offer CBD massages I had to check it out. If you did not know CBD is great with stress and anxiety, but no it will not get you high. You have the option to book online https://www.purevichy.comor call (713) 429-9582 to schedule your appointment. Both options are super easy to do.

Fast forward to my appointment. I was greeted at the door and felt super welcome. I checked in I had the option to place my belongs in the locker room. And next I was taken into a room to zen and to complete the client intake form. I also had an option of a cocktail and water. Shortly after I met my masseuse, Tatiana. She led me to the massage room and explained to me what the hour-long full-body CBD massage consist of. We also went over what areas of my body I wanted her to focus on. After our conversation, Tatiana left the room to give me some privacy to undress and get relax on the table. Tatiana knocked on the door first to make sure I was ready for her to come back in. After I gave her the ok, she placed the covers on me correctly and I felt so at peace. She started with my back, getting out all the stress-related knots and then moved onto my shoulders, neck, arms, hands, legs and my feet. After my massage I felt so relax, calm, and less stress. I can say my anxiety is nonexistent at the moment, but we are only at day 3 since my massage. The staff was super amazing and the spa is super cute and comfortable. Pure Vichy offer other services as well.

CBD Massage

By activating the pathways of existing CB2 receptors in the body, CBD helps to warm your muscles, reduces tension, and leaves you feeling refreshed. CBD facilitates calmness and relaxation, which means you can unwind and be better prepared to keep up with your busy life when your massage session ends. CBD works not only to calm and hydrate the body, but it also leaves you feeling refreshed and nurtured, by releasing the tension that causes occasional discomfort.

1 hour $125.00

1 hr and 30 minutes $185.00

2 hr $225.00


2128 Welch St Suite B, Houston, TX 77019, USA | Phone: (713) 429-9582| Email: hello@purevichy.com